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Independent- Stage 11 Standard Pair Trucks


For years now Independent has set the standard in skateboard trucks. The Stage 11's feature an update on their original Stage 10 design that combines great geometry and slick features for a superior ride. With excellent turnability and increased grind clearance in an all around beefed up truck, you'll get the best ride and longest life of any truck on the market. Made in the USA!


55mm tall
Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
Better overall grind clearance
Improved "No Hang Up" yoke
Enhanced yoke around the cushion seat, taking the kingpin even more out-of-play on grind tricks like feebles and smiths
Longer lasting material above the axle so your trucks last even longer
Improved hanger design is stronger on impact
New standard height accommodates up to 56mm wheel without riser
Truck Weight Class: Standard Aluminum
Truck Height: Mid

-Style # 57983